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SMAR7 Bundle is a brand new product for those who are into online marketing, which is a business type which has been operational even before the start of the current decade. Many of the currently existing eCommerce sites have been operational since the early 2000’s and since then, have become an integral part of the marketing world. With the help of the internet, transactions which would normally involve direct person-to-person interaction could simply be done with a click of the button, and the number of steps required for a successful and effective business transaction has been reduced, giving convenience for both the buyer and the seller.

smar7 bundle discount

The one great objective which sellers have to meet is to increase their amount of sales for any single period of time. In the world of real, person to person kind of marketing, this can easily be achieved by means of an effective, convincing form of “sales talk”. This is the kind of communication which is greatly absent when you do online marketing however, and the SMAR7 bundle offers makes it possible for online marketers to still, in some way, do the “sales talking” to their customers, all in a deliberate effort to sell more products.

The SMAR7 Product Bundle comes with SMAR7 Bundle Discount for the early birds. It is specifically aimed at those whose online shop is established on Shopify, which is an eCommerce site which is based in Canada, and has been in operation since 2004. The company reports that it currently has 200,000 merchants using its platform, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $10 billion, and this hot, brand new product bundle will definitely be of great help to this 200,000 merchants to increase the amount of sales generated by them.

To those who are wondering how this product actually works, this product works by directly suggesting users about what other things they can buy aside from the products they already placed orders for. This is done by putting a “pop-up” upon purchase, and the products suggested, which are put on the pop-up, are similar, or if not, are used commonly alongside the product initially ordered. In the world of person to person business, these pop ups are the direct equivalent of talking customers into buying more products from you, of course, in an effort to gain more sales and increase the number of products sold per customer.

Being one of the merchants myself, I have seen this product bundle do so many wonders for the volume of sales I see rushing into my site that sometimes, re-stocking is done so quickly because of the significantly larger volume of products which I now get to be able to sell. Before starting out on Shopify, this form of “sales talk” has been the single, most effective form increasing the volume of sales, in terms of the number of items bought for each person, and it’s just mind blowing to think, that with the help of this app, I am able to do the almost identical task of talking to people in hopes of increasing sales, all at once. So we will do our Smar7 Bundle Review for you guys .

 smar7 bundle discount

Additional Features of the SMAR7 Bundle :

Unique and Innovative: This brand new product bundle is truly unique and innovative because it is the first of its kind, and this is the first product which is geared for and compatible with Shopify which actually works. This product has several more new features, and has a wider audience reach compared to previously launched upsell products for Shopify.

Mobile-compatible: Unlike previously created upsell products for Shopify accounts, this software is fully mobile compatible, and this allows for a greater yield when it comes to sales, as nowadays, mobile is becoming a more popular method of doing online marketing. Former products are only accessible on desktop or laptop browsers, and this creates unnecessary hassle for both the merchants and the customers. Smart Phones are what’s “in” nowadays, as the use and preference of this app is becoming popular, and the people behind the SMAR7 bundle are totally aware of that, and are making the most of this advancement in technology, so “in”, that close to 100% of online shopping is done from mobile, usually through special apps of online shops. Smar7 bundle bonus is filled with a lot of extra things which will help you more.

smar7 bundle discount

User-friendly and Freely Customizable:  Different business types call for different settings and preferences, and because of this, the software comes with plenty of variations and customizable settings which users of this app could freely choose from to fit their respective business needs. What makes this software even greater is that it is so easy to use, and therefore does not need any heavy, thorough, or comprehensive training whatsoever to ensure its effective and efficient use.

“Smart” Marketing:  There are several features that are present in the SMAR7 Bundle which are all smart in a way, including Show Cart Related items, which makes sure that the products being offered are related somehow to the initial product ordered, product triggered upsells, allowing merchants to freely select which products to have upsells for, all of which, give store owners more freedom and less restrictions or limitations with regards to the running of their business.

Our SMAR7 Bundle Review :

This product comes with a Front-End Offer, which is the SMAR7 Bundle on its own, good for one Shopify store and a 50% Commission, and an OTO Package which allows SMAR7 Bundle good for 5 stores. Many marketers have seen significant sales increases with the help of this app, and therefore this is one investment which is not one to miss.


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